ASRU Publications

Year Author Title Publication type
2006 Colin Almeleh Why do people disclose their HIV status? Qualitative evidence from a group of activist women in Khayelitsha Journal article
2006 Jeremy Magruder and Nicoli Nattrass Exploring attrition bias: The case of the Khayelitsha panel study (2000-2004) Journal article
2006 Brendan Maughan-Brown Attitudes towards people with HIV/AIDS: Stigma and its determinants amongst young adults in Cape Town, South Africa Journal article
2006 Elizabeth Mills From the Physical Self to the Social Body: Expressions and Effects of HIV-Related Stigma in South Africa Journal article
2006 Nicoli Nattrass South Africa’s ‘‘Rollout’’ of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy: A Critical Assessment Journal article
2006 Nicoli Nattrass What Determines Cross-Country Access to Antiretroviral Treatment? Journal article
2006 Nicoli Nattrass When HIV clinicians prevent social scientists from accessing 'their' patients : some ethical concerns Journal article
2006 Nicoli Nattrass “Antiretroviral Treatment and the Problem of Political Will in South Africa” Journal article
2007 Nicoli Nattrass Modelling the relationship between antiretroviral treatment and HIV prevention: limitations of the Spectrum AIDS Impact Model in a changing policy environment Journal article
2003 Jo Stein, Tayla Soskolne and Kerry Gibson Working with Ambivalence: Finding a Positive Identity for HIV/AIDS in South Africa. Working paper
2003 Celeste Coetzee Hiring Patterns, Firm-Level Dynamics and HIV/AIDS: A Case Study of Small Firms on the Cape Flats Working paper
2003 Jo Stein Sorrow makes Children of us all: A Literature Review on the Psycho-Social Impact of HIV/AIDs on Children Working paper
2003 Jo Stein HIV/AIDS Stigma: The Latest Dirty Secret Working paper
2003 Nicoli Nattrass and Nathan Geffen Providing Antiretroviral Treatment for All Who Need it in South Africa Working paper
2003 Nicoli Nattrass Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy and Risky Sex: Is there a Link? Working paper
2009 Elizabeth Mills, Marina Manuela de Paoli and Arne Backer Grønningsæter Love in the Time of AIDS: The Relational Gender Dynamics of Prevention, Testing and Treatment Working paper
2009 Timothy L. Mah and Brendan Maughan-Brown Social and Cultural Contexts of Concurrency in Khayelitsha Working paper
2003 Jo Stein What’s News: Perspectives on HIV/AIDS advocacy in the South African Media Working paper
2003 Talia Soskolne Moving Beyond the Margins: A Narrative Analysis of the Life Stories of Women Living with HIV/AIDS in Khayelitsha Working paper
2003 Nathan Geffen, Nicoli Nattrass and Chris Raubenheimer The Cost of HIV Prevention and Treatment Interventions in South Africa Working paper
2002 Nicoli Nattrass AIDS and Human Security in Southern Africa Working paper
2002 Susan Levine and Fiona Ross Perceptions of and Attitudes to HIV/AIDS Among Young Adults at the University of Cape Town Working paper
2002 Suzanne Leclerc Madlala Youth, HIV/AIDS and the Importance of Sexual Culture and Context Working paper
2002 Louise Kuhn Beyond Informed Choice: Infant Feeding Dilemmas for Women in Low-Resource Communities of High HIV Prevalence Working paper
2002 Nicoli Nattrass AIDS Growth and Distribution in South Africa Working paper
2002 Carolyn Kennedy From the Coalface: A Study of the Response of a South African Colliery to the Threat of Aids Working paper
2001 Jolene Skordis and Nicoli Nattrass Paying to Waste Lives: The Affordability of Reducing Mother-to-Child Transmission Working paper
2001 Veni Naidu The Impact of HIV/AIDS on the Macro Market Environment Working paper
2001 Donald Skinner How do the Youth in Two Communities make Decisions about Using condoms? Working paper
2007 Xanthe Wessels, Nicoli Nattrass and Ulrike Rivett Improving the efficiency of monitoring adherence to antiretroviral therapy at primary health care level: a case study of the introduction of electronic technologies in Guguletu, South Africa Journal article