ASRU Publications

Year Author Title Publication type
2001 Jolene Skordis and Nicoli Nattrass Paying to Waste Lives: The Affordability of Reducing Mother-to-Child Transmission Working paper
2001 Veni Naidu The Impact of HIV/AIDS on the Macro Market Environment Working paper
2001 Donald Skinner How do the Youth in Two Communities make Decisions about Using condoms? Working paper
2007 Xanthe Wessels, Nicoli Nattrass and Ulrike Rivett Improving the efficiency of monitoring adherence to antiretroviral therapy at primary health care level: a case study of the introduction of electronic technologies in Guguletu, South Africa Journal article
2007 Andrew Dawes, Amelia van der Merwe and René Brandt A monitoring dilemma: Orphans and children made vulnerable by HIV and AIDS Chapter in book
2001 Nicoli Nattrass Ethics, Economics and AIDS Policy in South Africa Working paper
2004 Elizabeth Mills Beyond the Disease of Discrimination: A Critical Analysis of HIV-Related Stigma in KTC, Cape Town Working paper
2004 Brett Simchowitz Social Security and HIV/AIDS: Assessing “Disability” in the Context of ARV Treatment Working paper
2004 Colin Almeleh The Longlife AIDS-advocacy Intervention: An Exploration into Public Disclosure Working paper
2004 Lauren Kahn Experiences of HIV/AIDS diagnosis, disclosure and stigma in an urban informal settlement in the Cape Peninsula: A qualitative exploration Working paper
2004 Fredah Medupe and Kathleen Collins Treatment for HIV/AIDS in the workplace: A Case Study of a Mine in Botswana Working paper
2004 Nicoli Nattrass Trading-off income and health: AIDS and the disability grant in South Africa Working paper
2004 Daniel Beck Men and ARVs: How does being a man affect access to antiretroviral therapy in South Africa? Exploring attitudes among Xhosa-speaking men in Khayelitsha, South Africa Working paper
2004 Brendan Maughan-Brown Measuring HIV/AIDS Stigma Working paper
2004 Celeste Coetzee and Nicoli Nattrass Living on AIDS treatment: A socio-economic profile of Africans receiving Antiretroviral Therapy in Khayelitsha, Cape Town Working paper
2004 Gioconda Vasquez Body Perceptions of HIV and AIDS: The Memory Box Project Working paper
2004 Anya Subotzky Mapping Bodies: Corporeal Erasure and Re-presentation in AIDS-Related Stigma Working paper
2005 Stephen Porter and Kim Wale The Amy Biehl HIV/AIDS peer educators programme: An impact assessment of the valued benefits and disbenefits for the programme participants Working paper
2005 Joanne Wreford Negotiating relationships between biomedicine and sangoma: Fundamental misunderstandings, avoidable mistakes Working paper
2005 René Brandt Maternal well-being, childcare and child adjustment in the context of HIV/AIDS: What does the psychological literature say? Working paper
2005 René Brandt Coping with HIV/AIDS: A case study of the psychological experiences of poor, HIV positive mothers and women caregivers on HAART Working paper
2005 Nicoli Nattrass An Exploratory Analysis of Cross-Country Access to Antiretroviral Treatment Working paper
2005 Poul Rohleder and Kerry Gibson “We are not fresh”: HIV-positive women talk of their experience of living with their spoiled identity Working paper
2005 Joanne Wreford ‘We can help!’ - A literature review of current practice involving traditional African healers in biomedical HIV/AIDS interventions in South Africa Working paper
2006 Eduardo Bruera The Political Economy of Antiretroviral Drugs Working paper
2006 Nicoli Nattrass AIDS, Gender and Access to Antiretroviral Treatment in South Africa Working paper
2006 Nicoli Nattrass AIDS and the Scientific Governance of Medicine in South Africa Working paper
2006 Lisa Ann Richey Gendering the Therapeutic Citizen: ARVs and Reproductive Health Working paper
2006 Celeste Coetzee and Ali Tasiran The Determinants of Perceived Health and Labour Force Participation of People with HIV/AIDS in Khayelitsha, South Africa Working paper
2006 Vezumuzi Ndlovu The impact of HAART on the reproductive decision making process of HIV positive people in Zimbabwe in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe Working paper