ASRU Researchers

Director: Dr Rebecca Hodes

Rebecca completed her doctorate at Oxford in 2009. Her thesis focused on the strategic use of media, particularly television, by the HIV treatment access movement.

Fellows and Researchers

Nathan GeffenNathan Geffen is the co-ordinator of GroundUp and the Deputy Director of ASRU.  His current research areas are the science of AIDS treatment and the modelling of the AIDS epidemic and treatment interventions.
Joanne WrefordJo Wreford is an isangoma (Zulu: diviner-healer) and anthropologist. Her book Working with Spirit: Experiencing izangoma healing in contemporary South Africa (Berghahn Books, Oxf/NY) was published in 2008. Her research focuses on ways of improving relationships between western medicine and traditional African healing, especially in the field of HIV/AIDS interventions. Jo has retired from UCT, but remains a research fellow of ASRU.

Graduate Students (2013)

Gabby KellyGabby is a PhD student in ASRU, working on the South African disability grant. She also helps out with GroundUp. She is funded in part by a scholarship from HEARD.
Duncan PieterseDuncan’s research explores youth outcomes in South Africa, using several waves of the Cape Area Panel Study. This includes exploring the relative importance of peer group influence in determining the likelihood of young people dropping out of high school; also an examination of the impact of school quality and family background as measuring a return to education on the part of  young South Africans. Duncan is currently a Fox Fellow at Yale
Annabelle WienandAnnabelle is a doctoral student working with ASRU. She is researching the photographic representation of Africa, including the way HIV is pictured. During her Masters dissertation she worked with community health workers and educators to develop a workshop that used collaborative body map drawings to increase knowledge about HIV. She is funded in part by a scholarship from HEARD.