Year Author Title Unit Publication type
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2020 Nontokozo Langwenya,Catherine S. Todd, Heidi E. Jones, Donald R. Hoover, Nai-Chung Hu, Agnes Ronan, Landon Myer Risk-based screening to identify reproductive tract infection among HIV-infected women desiring use of intrauterine contraceptives AARHub Journal article
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2020 Lucas Hertzog and Luciana Garcia de Mello An intersectional approach to inequalities: Ruptures with hierarchical views AARHub Journal article
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2020 Catherine S. Todd,Heidi E. Jones, Nontokozo Langwenya,Donald R. Hoover,Pai-Lien Chen, Gregory Petro and Landon Mye Safety and continued use of the levonorgestrel intrauterine system as compared with the copper intrauterine device among women living with HIV in South Africa: A randomized controlled trial AARHub Journal article
2020 Sherr, L. Cluver, L. Desmond, C. Toska, E. Aber, L. Dhaliwal, M. Webb, D. Dugbazah, J.  A new vehicle to accelerate the UN Sustainable Development Goals AARHub Journal article
2020 W. Saal, A. Kagee, and J. Bantjes Gender Differences in the Utility of the Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test in Screening for Alcohol Use Disorder Among HIV
Test Seekers in South Africa
AARHub Journal article
2020 Elona Toska , Christina A. Laurenzi , Kathryn J. Roberts , Lucie Cluver &
Lorraine Sherr
Adolescent mothers affected by HIV and their children: A scoping review of evidence and experiences from sub-Saharan Africa AARHub Journal article
2020 Marija Pantelic, Marisa Casale , Lucie Cluver , Elona Toska and Mosa Moshabela Multiple forms of discrimination and internalized stigma compromise retention in HIV care among adolescents: findings from a South African cohort AARHub Journal article
2020 Mark E. Boyes , Marija Pantelic , Marisa Casale , Elona Toska , Elizabeth Newnham , Lucie D. Cluver Prospective associations between bullying victimisation, internalised stigma, and mental health in South African adolescents living with HIV  AARHub Journal article
2020 Feyisayo A. Odunitan-Wayas, Nicola Hamann, Nandipha A. Sinyanya, Abby,C. King, Ann Banchoff, Sandra J. Winter, Sharief Hendricks, Kufre J. Okop and Estelle V. Lambert A citizen science approach to determine perceived barriers and promoters of physical activity in a low-income South African community AARHub Journal article
2020 Jason Bantjes, Wylene Saal, Christine Lochner, Janine Roos, Randy P. Auerbach, Philippe Mortier, Ronny Bruffaerts, Ronald C. Kessler & Dan J. Stein  Inequality and mental healthcare utilisation among first-year university students in South Africa AARHub Journal article
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2019 Elona Toska,Lucie Cluver, Mark Orkin, Anurita Bains, Lorraine Sherr, McKenzie Berezin and Laurie Gulaid Screening and Supporting through Schools: educational experiences and needs of adolescents living with HIV in a South African cohort AARHub Journal article
2019 Lucie D Cluver, F Mark Orkin, Laurence Campeau, Elona Toska, Douglas Webb, Anna Carlqvist, Lorraine Sherr Improving lives by accelerating the Sustainable Development Goals for adolescents living with HIV AARHub Journal article
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2018 Anthony Kinghorn, Kwame Shanaube, Elona Toska, Lucie Cluver & Linda-Gail Bekker

Defining adolescence: priorities from a global health perspective



Journal article
2018 Cluver Lucie., Meinck Franziska., Toska Elona., Orkin, F. Mark ., Hodes Rebecca & Sherr Lorraine Multitype violence exposures and adolescent antiretroviral non-adherence in South Africa. AIDS, 32(8), 975-983 AARHub Journal article
2018 Lucie Cluver.,  Marija Pantelic.,  Mark Orkin ., Elona Toska ., Sally Medley & Lorraine Sherr Sustainable Survival: Which SDGs protect against mortality risk for adolescents living with HIV? AARHub Journal article
2018 Rebecca Hodes.,  Jenny Doubt.,Elona Toska ., Beth Vale. , Nompumelelo Zungu & Lucie Cluver The stuff that dreams are made of: using participatory research to explore interlinkages in HIV - positive adolescents’ aspirations for development AARHub Journal article