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Special Report on the State of HIV/AIDS in South Africa

Year: 2012
Author: Navario, Peter
Journal: Global Health Magazine
It is axiomatic that the global fight against HIV/AIDS cannot be won without a decisive victory in South Africa, home to 20 percent of all people living with HIV/AIDS. So how is South Africa doing? And what is the likelihood it will meet the demand for essential prevention and treatment interventions by 2015? On Jan. 21 in Cape Town, Council on Foreign Relations Global Health Fellow Dr. Peter Navario convened a meeting of South Africa's foremost HIV/AIDS thinkers, policy-makers and practitioners to discuss the state of prevention and treatment at the epicenter of the pandemic. In this article, the experts weigh in on program gaps, the major challenges to achieving universal coverage of essential prevention and treatment interventions, and what it will take to surmount these challenges.
Publication file: South_Africa_HIV_strategy_GHMag.pdf