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Civil society and the state in Uganda's AIDS response

Year: 2014
Working paper number: 341
Author: Grebe, Eduard
Unit: ASRU
This paper investigates state-civil society relations in the Ugandan AIDS response through a critical exploration of the history of Uganda's 'multi-sectoral' and 'partnership' approaches, particularly as it pertains to The AIDS Support Organisation (TASO). It finds that the Ugandan government's reputation for successful prevention campaigns is not necessarily deserved, and that the effectiveness of civil society is limited by an authoritarian political culture. Despite these limitations, however, state-civil society partnership did contribute to the emergence of a relatively effective coalition for action against HIV/AIDS. Donors were essential in encouraging the emergence of this coalition, but have also inadvertently undermined the emergence of strong and independent civil society voices able to hold the Ugandan state accountable.
Publication file: WP 341.pdf