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Controlling power – Africans' views on governance, citizenship and accountability

Year: 2010
Author: Mattes, Robert
Unit: DARU
Book title: Social Accountability in Africa: Practioners' Experiences and Lessons
Pages: 8-22
ISBN: 9781920409203
Editor(s): Mario Claasen and Carmen Alpin-Lardies
Publisher: Idasa

Social Accountability in Africa: Practitioners' Experiences and Lessons is a collection of case studies from Africa on social accountability. This collection attempts to build aconsolidated body of knowledge on social accountability efforts across the continent. The case studies are diverse and present unique approaches to how social accountability strategies and interventions are implemented within different countries. The book is written by practitioners, for practitioners, providing first hand experience of designing and implementing social accountability initiatives and the challenges, methods and successes each one presents.

• While most research focuses on the role of citizens and civil society organisations inpromoting accountability, this book places a greater emphasis on joint state-civil societyinitiatives.

• While social accountability initiatives are known mostly only in their own countries, and few African campaigns are documented, this book fills this gap by covering different approaches within a wide array of African countries.

To overcome language and cultural barriers that have prevented practitioners in the African sub-regions from learning from each other, this book will be translated into French and disseminated widely in Francophone Africa.

Link: http://www.idasa.org.za/index.asp?page=output_details.asp%3FRID%3D2091%26oplang%3Den%26Pub%3DY%26OTID%3D6