AIDS and Human Security in Southern Africa

Year: 2002
Working paper number: 018
Author: Nattrass, Nicoli
Unit: ASRU

HIV/AIDS is the greatest health threat facing humankind – particularly for those people living in Southern Africa. Of the estimated 40 million people infected with HIV worldwide, over two thirds live in Sub-Saharan Africa. Southern African countries top the HIV prevalence tables. According to the World Bank, if AIDS had not affected Southern Africa, 'life expectancy would have reached 64 by 2010-15. Instead, it will have regressed to 47, reversing the gains of the past 30 years' (2001: 139). Figure 1 shows how life expectancy rose in the 10 Southern African countries during the 1970s and early 1980s, but then fell sharply in the 1990s as the AIDS epidemic and economic crisis took their toll.

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