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Corruption, governance performance and political trust in Nigeria

Year: 2004
Working paper number: 077
Author: Alemika, Etannibi
Unit: DARU

This paper analyses Nigerian citizen perception of (a) democracy and the economy; (b) the performance of their civilian government, and (c) extent of corruption in public institutions and by elected officials and public officers. It also examines the effects of corruption and governance performance on the approval of and trust in Nigeria's political institutions. The analysis is based on the round 2 version of the Afrobarometer survey and employs descriptive analysis, factor analysis, scale item reliability analysis as well as OLS multiple regression analysis. Key findings show that one-half of the respondents preferred a market economy while a third preferred a government-run economic system. More than two thirds preferred democratic governance, while more than one-half agreed that the national constitution expresses the values and hopes of the Nigerian people. Generally, findings show that trust in public institutions is low and that political approval and trust are primarily influenced by how government performs in the arenas of socio-economic management and civil rights protection.

Publication file: wp77.pdf