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The role of HIV literacy – A community health worker perspective

Year: 2007
Working paper number: 197
Author: Wienand, Annabelle
Unit: ASRU

HIV literacy has been emphasised as part of HIV/AIDS campaigns throughout the world. The South African Government's allocation of past and present funding indicates substantial support for HIV/AIDS education with the emphasis on prevention. Commitment to the new HIV and AIDS and STI National Strategic Plan 2007-2011 for addressing the epidemic emphasises the importance of speeding up the delivery of HAART in South. The link between education and the provision of antiretroviral therapy lies in the need for patients to understand the nature of the HI virus and the way the medication works physiologically in order to ensure adherence, control side effects and provide the best care possible for people living with HIV/AIDS. This paper assesses the role of HIV literacy from the perspective of community health workers working in clinics in the Western Cape Province in South Africa.  It looks at their daily interaction with clinic patients, as well as their experience of the HAART roll-out.  It aims to evaluate the impact of HIV literacy on the communities they work in and the limitations of education in supporting the provision of health care for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Publication file: WP197.pdf