Research Projects

Other Research in The SSU

Beatrice is involved in several outreach projects that assist local communities with urban agriculture and other attempts to improve sustainable livelihoods in poor communities. So far this work has produced two journal articles and seven working papers on topics ranging from small scale bee keeping, to wildflower harvesting, veg box subscription schemes and township recycling. The importance of this work is that it links academic research to the needs of the local community in a meaningful way and reduces poverty in our own locality.

Nicoli Nattrass and Jed Stephens are running a survey of the socio-economic and spatial determinants of rodent presence and eradication strategies in Khayelitsha in conjunction with iCWild. 

Working papers

Journal articles

  • Dyer, M., Mills, R., Conradie, B., Piesse, J. (2015).  Harvest of Hope: The contribution of peri-urban agriculture in South African townships. Agrekon 54(4): 71-84.
  • Thom, A.E., Conradie, B.I., (2013). Urban agriculture’s enterprise potential: Exploring vegetable box schemes in Cape Town. Agrekon 52(S1): 64 -86