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Total Factor Productivity Studies

The theme running through the Total Factor Productivity Studies is the common analytical method. Beatrice’s work in the area began in the wine industry but soon spread to the entire Western Cape Province. Census was data revealed that over the last half of the 20th century the fruit and wine industries made rapid technical progress while dryland crop farming and extensive grazing failed to thrive. This insight gave birth to the Karoo Predator Project. Hein Gerwel is now working on an extension of the agricultural productivity map into the Eastern Cape which offers serious critique of the National Development Plan’s vision of a million extra jobs in irrigated agriculture. Climate change and a lack of extension capacity are serious problems.

In addition to ongoing work on the performance of Karoo agriculture, this project includes Craig Galloway’s work on the overlap between economic and environmental sustainability in dairy farming in the Eastern Cape, the wine industry post farm labour reforms, the performance of the agro-processing sector in Zambia, Cathy Namome’s study of the alternatives to tobacco production in smallholder agriculture in Uganda and a joint project with PRISM on productivity benchmarking for South Africa’s automotive industry. A Total Factor Productivity Study yielded the first productivity benchmark for urban agriculture and a soon to appear benchmark for the SME sector.

Working papers

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Journal articles

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