Prof Beatrice Conradie

Prof Beatrice ConradieDirector: Sustainable Societies Unit

Associate Professor, School of Economics

Professor Conradie has been at UCT since 1999 and associated with the CSSR since 2003 and director of the Social Sustainability Unit since 2012. She has an undergraduate degree in Agriculture and an honours degree in Agricultural Economics from Stellenbosch University. Her masters, also from Stellenbosch, was on the potential for land reform in the apple industry. Her PhD from Colorado State University was on efficient water allocation in the Fish-Sundays irrigation scheme of the Eastern Cape. Her current research involves productivity benchmarking, the impact of climate change on agriculture, human wildlife conflict and conservation on farmland and in 2019 she was honoured with the Agricultural Economics Association of South Africa’s Tomlinson Medal.

Contact details


Tel: +2721 650 4774

Office: Room 4.29.2 Leslie Social Science Building, Upper Campus

Current research

  • Productivity benchmarking
  • Drought and climate change
  • Urban agriculture and development
  • Conservation

I will continue to use productivity analysis as framework for evaluating the performance of agriculture. Current projects include a strong focus on the effects of the drought on farm productivity. Several of these projects involve Jed Stephens. We are working with Stefan Theron in the Department of Agriculture to update Venter’s ZA-grazing index for the Karoo and with students Ben Rideout, Jen Cleary and Craig Eckleton to explain farm-level efficiency with rainfall and temperature variables. Jen’s grain work is in collaboration with colleagues at Elsenburg and Craig’s work on the dairy industry in collaboration with Trace and Save in Humansdorp.

Our portfolio of agricultural industries now also include sugar. Cathy’s Namome’s work on tobacco farming in Uganda is almost complete and there is a project underway on manufacturing in Zimbabwe that forms Rebecca Dube’s masters thesis. I am talking to Jan Greyling of Stellenbosch University about the table grape industry and possibilities in Malawi.

My community outreach work continues opportunistically within the framework of UCT’s Knowledge Co-operative attached to the Research Office. The latest were a cost benefit analysis of solid waste recycling in a township and updated of the economic livelihoods available in fynbos wildflower harvesting. The latter is in collaboration with Flower Valley Conservation Trust, a long term collaborator.

Curriculum Vitae of Professor Beatrice Conradie

Recent publications

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