DARU Publications

Year Author Title Publication type
2016 David Denemark, Robert Mattes, Richard G. Niemi Growing Up Democratic: Does It Make a Difference? Book
2015 Robert Mattes, William Liddle, Tianjian Shi, Yun-han Chu and Saiful Munjani Voters, Parties, Elections and Democracy Chapter in book
2015 Robert Mattes South Africa’s Emerging Black Middle Class: A Harbinger of Political Change?” Journal article
2014 Schulz-Herzenberg, Collette The Influence of the Social Context on South African Voters Journal article
2014 Robert Mattes Popular Perceptions of Electoral Integrity in Africa Chapter in book
2014 Robert Mattes The 2014 Election and South African Democracy Chapter in book
2014 Robert Mattes Systematic, Quantitative Political Science in South Africa: The Road Less Travelled. Journal article
2014 Joel Barkan and Robert Mattes “Why Constituency Development Funds In Africa? Representation Vs. Constituency Service?” (forthcoming 2014) Chapter in book
2014 C. Schulz Herzenberg The implications of social context partisan homogeneity for voting behavior: survey evidence from South Africa Journal article
2013 Cameron, R.G. and Milne Representative Bureaucracy in South Africa Chapter in book
2013 Cameron, R.G. and Milne Size, efficiency and local democracy in South Africa: a preliminary assessment. African journal of public affairs Journal article
2013 Mattes,R.B Systematic, quantitative political science in South Africa: the road less travelled. Journal article
2012 Robert Mattes and Thierry Luescher-Mamashela The Roles of Higher Education in the Democratization of Politics in Africa: Survey Reports from HERANA Journal article
2012 Robert Mattes The "Born Frees": The Prospects for Generational Change In Post-Apartheid South Africa Journal article
2012 Robert Mattes and Ian Glenn Political Communications in Post-Apartheid South Africa Chapter in book
2012 Robert Mattes Opinion Polls and the Media in South Africa Chapter in book
2013 Pippa Norris and Robert Mattes Does Ethnicity Dertermine Support for the Governing Party? Chapter in book
2013 Robert Mattes Asocial Cohesion: Political Community and Social Capital in Africa's Democratizing Societies Chapter in book
2013 Robert Mattes and Carlos Shenga Uncritical Citizenship in a Low-Information Society:Mozambicans in Comparative Pespective Chapter in book
2013 Collette Schulz-Herzenberg The Implications of Social Context Partisan Homogeneity for Voting Behaviour: Survey Evidence from South Africa Conference presentation
2013 Carlos Shenga Enhancing Executive -Legislative Accountability in Mozambique Journal article
2013 Carlos Shenga Legaslative Institutionalization in Mozambique: A Comparative Analysis of Three Legislatures Journal article
2013 Ari Greenberg and Robert Mattes Electoral Outcomes and Democratic Health in Africa Chapter in book
2012 Nicholas Kerr Perceptions versus Reality: Assessing Popular Evaluations of Election Quality in Africa Working paper
2011 Ian Glenn and Robert Mattes Political Communication in Post-Apartheid South Africa Working paper
2011 Per Strand Making accountability work for the AIDS response Working paper
2011 Wadim Schreiner and Robert Mattes The possibilities of election campaigns as sites for political advocacy: South Africa in comparative perspective Working paper
2011 Robert Mattes The born frees: The prospects for generational change in post-apartheid South Africa Working paper
2010 Robert Mattes and Namhla Mniki Restless minds: South African students and the brain drain Chapter in book
2010 Audrey Sacks and Margaret Levi Measuring government effectiveness and its consequences for social welfare in Sub-Saharan African countries Journal article