Can Donors Build Social Capital? Civil Society Assistance and Civic Engagement in sub-Saharan Africa

Presenter(s): Sohyeon Kim

Venue: CSSR Seminar Room 4.29, Level 4 Leslie Social Science Building, Upper Campus

Abstract / Description: 

Donors have been using various strategies to promote democracy in developing countries. In the mid-1990s, building civil society came to the fore amongst donors influenced by Putnam’s publication, Making Democracy Work, on the importance of social capital for good governance. Putnam concluded that horizontal networks of civic engagement strengthen the performance of a polity. Donors have been stressing vibrant civic engagement since then. This research is to find a correlation between donors’ assistance to foster civil society and civic engagement in 18 sub-Saharan African countries using Afrobarometer survey data

Tue, 06 Oct 2015 -
12:45 to 14:00