Heterosexual anal sex: Knowledge, attitudes and practice in five East African communities

Presenter(s): Zoe Duby, Department of Public Health (UCT)

Venue: CSSR Seminar Room (4.89 Leslie Social Science)

Abstract / Description: 

Penile-vaginal sex is assumed to be the norm. However heterosexual anal sex, a more efficient mode of sexual transmission, is more commonly practiced than previously appreciated and may account for higher proportion of HIV transmission to females of all ages than acknowledged. This paper is based on empirical data from qualitative research carried out in 3 East African countries. Evidence that emerges from this research shows that there are high levels of ignorance relating to STI and HIV transmission risks of unprotected anal sex; high levels of myths/beliefs that anal sex is safe; amd that anal sex practiced as a means of virginity maintenance, contraception, a way of remaining "faithful", amongst other motivations. *Refreshments will be served.*

Thu, 22 Sep 2011 - 13:00