Popular Politics and Resistance Movements in South Africa

Abstract / Description:

Rebecca Hodes (Deputy Director of the AIDS and Society Research Unit) has contributed a chapter to 'Popular Politics and Resistance Movements' (edited by Marcelle Dawson and William Beinart, Wits University Press) entitled, 'It's a beautiful struggle': Siyayinqoba/Beat It! and the HIV/AIDS treatment struggle on South African television'. Rebecca will be in discussion with Steven Robins and other contributors to the book. The volume explores some of the key features of popular politics and resistance before and after 1994. It looks at continuities and changes in the forms of struggle and ideologies involved, as well as the significance of post-apartheid grassroots politics. It asks if this is a new form of politics or whether it is a direct descendant of the insurrectionary impulses of the late apartheid era?

Mon, 18 Oct 2010 -
12:45 to 17:45