Theses & Dissertations


Susan Holland-Muter 

Negotiating normativities: Counter narratives of lesbian queer world making in Cape Town
 Isaac Chinyoka 

How and why do states provide for children? Comparing social grants for families with children in Southern Africa
Lwando Scott

"The more you stretch them, the more they grow": same-sex marriage and the wrestle with heteronormativity
Nonzuzo Mbokazi Understanding Childcare Choices amongst Low-Income Employed Mothers in Urban and Rural KwaZulu-Natal under examination 
Nicole Daniels  An ethnographic comparative account of pathways through pregnancy and narratives of childbirth in Cape Town 2016-
Kagiso Maphalle Children’s Rights in Woman-to-Woman Marriages: A Study of Pedi Ngwetsi Ya Lapa Customary Marriage 2017-
Kirsty Button Exploring financial and non-monetary resources/support negotiations, control and consumption within low-income, multi-generational households in Cape Town 2017-
Zandile Ndebele Taxinng black middle-class South African families and the potential for intergenerational wealth creation 2017-
Tendai Mutembedza Understanding masculinities and practices related to early marriages in Zimbabwe 2019-
Amal Fekry Women head-households' strategies to manage poverty risks and cope with existing poverty in South Africa and Egypt  2017-


Zeenat Samodien Legal Reform and the non-recognition of Muslim marriages  2020-
Jill Chidisha Samukimba Inhlawulo and the role of customary practices in father involvement under examination
Vayda Megannon The lived experience of inheritance for Muslim widows in contemporary South Africa under examination 
Adrian Badminton The role of the courts in shaping fathering: An analysis of 30 High Court child-related disputes 2018
Seo-hyung Lee

An Analysis of Dual-Career Couples in South Africa: Gender perceptions and practices towards balancing work and family.

Kirsty Button 

Household economies of low-income, African female-headed households in Khayelitsha: intergenerational support, negotiation and conflict
Nicole Daniels 

The gendered experiences of women, men and couples who plan, have and narrate homebirths
Sarah Badat How do South African Indian Muslim families negotiate intergenerational changes in religious practices?  2016
Tauriq Hartley 

Can coloured men be good fathers and will society let them? An intergenerational exploration of coloured men in Cape Town and their caring practices


Zeenat Samodien Are they listening? The ways in which non-recognition of Muslim marriages manifests in the lives of Muslim women 2019
 Simamnkele Dingswayo When families come together: The relational dynamics of power when bringing children into the marriage in isiXhosa families 2019
Tildah Gatisai Men and fathering practices: An analysis of representations of fathers in magazines 2018
Kelvin Kamwendo  Meanings of breadwinning amongst UCT male African students 2018
Mia Kenney Contesting voices of Ukuthwala in South African newspapers 2018
Jill Chidisha Samukimba Transnational Fathering in South Africa: Cultivating Closeness through Communication Technologies 2017
Elizna Smith Understanding the ways in which divorce and divorced women are represented in South African magazines (1995-2015) 2016
Seo-Hyung Lee A content analysis of High Court divorce orders made based on a sample of Black South Africans couples 2014