CSSR Annual Report for 2011 released

16 Feb 2012 - 22:15

The CSSR's Annual Report for 2011 can now be read here or downloaded from the annual reports page.

It reports on our main research and teaching initiatives, including

  • The expansion of the CSSR with new appointments (including those of Prof Rajen Govender and Dr Pedro Wolf);
  • An extraordinary number of graduations by Masters and Doctoral scholarship students from the CSSR;
  • The launch by DataFirst in partnership with the CSSR of a dedicated support service for humanities researchers using survey data in quantitative studies;
  • The launch of new short courses to build capacity within the university community and in civil society, including a pilot course on quantitative methods in the analysis of public opinion data in collaboration with the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation;
  • A large number of working papers published by the CSSR and peer reviewed publications by CSSR researchers;
  • And much more!