Joint CSSR/IJR/DataFirst quantitative analysis workshop

29 Sep 2011 - 16:15

# Quantitative analysis of public opinion data using the SA Reconciliation Barometer ![Logos of the sponsors](/sites/ **Applications have closed.** ### Dates: * **14-18 November 2011** * *Optional preparatory workshop:* **11 November 2011** ### Venue: * CSSR Seminar Room, Leslie Social Science Building, Upper Campus ### Instructors: * Prof Rajen Govender (CSSR and Dept of Sociology) * Dr Pedro Wolf (CSSR and Dept of Psychology) * *assisted by* Eduard Grebe (DataFirst) ### About the workshop The SA Reconciliation Barometer (SARB) is a national public opinion poll conducted by the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation (IJR) that tracks progress in reconciliation across a range of multidimensional indicators, including political culture and relations, human security, dialogue, historical confrontation and social relations. Besides the published indicators, the dataset can be a source for much more detailed analyses. To encourage this, the CSSR in conjunction with DataFirst is using the SARB dataset to demonstrate the application of more intermediate and advanced multivariate analytic techniques. These techniques have been selected as they permit the development and testing of much richer theoretical formulations and hypotheses using the SARB data. The workshop is a week-long programme consisting of tuition/demonstration sessions followed by application/lab sessions on each day. Computer facilities will be made available to all participants, though they may bring along their own laptops as well. The workshop will be of interest and relevance to all scholars and researchers working in the areas of social justice, politics, social relations and national reconciliation and/or those who are working on projects which are related to these areas. As the workshop is quantitative, a working knowledge of statistics is required, though not necessarily at an advanced level. The course will be taught using the [SPSS software package]( (access to SPSS will be provided for the duration of the workshop). Those whose experience with SPSS is limited, or who normally use another statistical package, are strongly encouraged to attend the preparatory workshop, titled *Introduction to Statistical Computing using SPSS*, which will be tought on the morning of Friday 11 November. To prepare for the workshop, prospective participants are requested to review the relevant statistical techniques indicated in the programme and to revisit SPSS. A suggested reading is *Discovering Statistics Using SPSS* by Andy Field, an excellent text for both statistics and SPSS. ###Topics to be covered * Basic SPSS usage * Univariate hypothesis testing * Exploratory factor analysis to build scales * Establishing reliability coefficients for developed scales * Testing bivariate hypotheses using correlation and simple regression * Testing bivariate hypotheses using ANOVA * Testing multivariate hypotheses using multiple regression and MANOVA * Introduction to path analysis and structural equations modelling ###How to apply To apply for admission to the course, please visit [this page](/courses/sarb/apply) and complete the application form **by Friday 21 October 2011**. Please indicate on your application whether you would like to attend the preparatory workshop. ### Further enquiries Further enquiries may be directed to [Kathy Forbes]( *This workshop is a collaboration between the [Centre for Social Science Research](, the [Institute for Justice and Reconciliation]( and [DataFirst](*