New HEARD report: “That's When Life Changed”: PLWHA Experiences of Church Run Home-based HIV/AIDS Care in Swaziland

16 Nov 2011 - 16:30

Dr Robin Root, Associate Professor of Anthropology at The City University of New York, investigated the impact of a church run home-based care organisation on the perceived wellbeing of its HIV positive clients in Swaziland. The HEARD-funded study also examined why PLWHA felt Christian caregivers to be especially effective. Facing HIV stigma and myriad obstacles to ARV adherence, many participants felt they would have died without the caregivers' interventions. In a radical departure from assumptions of Christianity's obstructive conservatism, in this setting, religion served to advance many PLWHA material, educational and psychosocial needs. The report can be [downloaded from the HEARD website].