New research project on HIV-positive adolescents

15 Jan 2014 - 15:30

Rebecca’s monograph, Broadcasting the Pandemic: HIV on South African television, is forthcoming with HSRC Press this year. The book is adapted from her D.Phil thesis, completed at Oxford University in 2009, and was developed as a manuscript during her first postdoctoral fellowship at the CSSR and over the course of a postdoctoral fellowship at the Institute for Humanities in Africa (Huma), also at UCT.

Rebecca Hodes, third from the left, and other CIPHER grantees, at the International AIDS Conference in Kuala Lumpur, July 2013.

The new project on HIV-positive adolescents is funded by the International AIDS Society’s Collaborative Initiative for Paediatric HIV Education and Research (CIPHER). It brings together a team of researchers from the Universities of Cape Town and Oxford, the Paediatric AIDS Treatment Alliance, UNICEF, and the Department of Health – together with a number of additional collaborating partners. More information about the CIPHER initiative is available at

As a medical historian, Rebecca continues to pursue other projects in addition to her HIV-focused research, with a growing interest in the history of sexuality and reproductive health in South Africa.