Op-eds in The Conversation

11 Aug 2017 - 15:15

Two CSSR researchers – Chris Saunders and Jeremy Seekings – have written recent pieces for the The Conversation, an online site for scholarly analysis of topical issues.

Chris Saunders – together with Henning Melber – examines the current politics of succession in the ruling parties in Namibia (SWAPO) and South Africa (ANC). In both countries incumbent presidents have resorted to increasingly populist rhetoric to shape the succession process.

Jeremy Seekings’s piece draws on his research late last year in Zanzibar (which is an autonomous part of the United Republic of Tanzania last year). It examines the lessons from the introduction of old-age pensions in Zanzibar in 2016. The Zanzibar case is examined more fully in a CSSR Working Paper (WP 393).