Rebecca Hodes: In the thick of a Ugandan hate rally

7 Apr 2014 - 15:00

Dr Rebecca Hodes, a CSSR postdoctoral research fellow, has written a report on a rally in Kampala at which 30 000 people gathered in support of the recently-passed Anti-Homosexuality Act.

There is a fundamental misunderstanding between us and the liberal west. They say that homosexuality is sex. But it is not sex.” These were President Yoweri Museveni’s introductory remarks at the national rally in support of the Anti-Homosexuality Act, organised by the Interreligious Council of Uganda, and held at Kololo stadium on 31 March. Museveni continued: “There are other words (in Luganda) for sex. I won’t tell you those words.” The crowd laughed, enjoying the coy omission. “But if you take homosexuality, they (the Ugandan people) don’t call it ‘sex’. They call it ekifire.” A neighbour wearing a Ugandan flag on her head translated: “It means they are half-dead, yet they are still living.”

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