DARU celebrates Africa Day

Dadisai Taderera and Danga Mughogho at the DARU stand The Centre for Social Science Research/Democracy in Africa Research Unit (DARU) stand was strategically located facing the entrance to the Robert Leslie Social Sciences Building. The benefit of such good visibility only became apparent as the attention of the few passersby was at a premium: the usual student traffic in and out of Robert Leslie had slowed to a trickle as lectures had ended and students were preparing for examinations.

Large posters illustrated the work done in the three areas of DARU research on the continent. Research findings from the African Legislatures Project, the Afrobarometer and the Aids and Governance Research Project and a large selection of working papers were available for visitors to look at and take away.

Bodymaps exhibited at Cambridge Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

Elizabeth Mills (ASRU), Dr Hayley MacGregor (IDS, Sussex University) and Nondumiso Hwlele (Bamabanani Women's Group) worked together to update a series of Bodymaps, which now form part of the Assembling Bodies exhibited at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (Cambridge University). Elizabeth Mills and Hayley MacGregor will publish findings from this collaboration in 2009 through a joint IDS/ASRU publication.

CSSR launches new project with workshop on political leadership in the AIDS response

On 18-20 May the CSSR hosted a workshop on political leadership in response to HIV/AIDS in collaboration with the Swedish/Norwegian HIV/AIDS Team and the UNAIDS Regional Support Team for Eastern and Southern Africa (RST-ESA). The workshop was attended by practitioners and researchers from around the region who have an interest in developing political leadership on HIV/AIDS.

The workshop was convened to help shape a research agenda for a new project called What Makes Political Champions on AIDS? The project, a collaboration between the CSSR, the Swedish/Norwegian HIV/AIDS Team and RST-ESA, seeks to analyse which factors determine effective political leadership on HIV prevention in the countries of the ESA region.