Journal articles by CSSR researchers

Year Author Title Journal Unit
2017 Elona Toska , Marija Pantelic , Franziska Meinck , Katharina Keck , Roxanna Haghighat , Lucie Cluver Sex in the shadow of HIV: A systematic review of prevalence, risk factors, and interventions to reduce sexual risk-taking among HIV-positive adolescents and youth in sub-Saharan Africa plosone ASRU
2017 Gabrielle Kelly Patient agency and contested notions of disability in social assistance applications in South Africa Social Science &Medicine CSSR General
2017 B.I Concadie The implications of a weak public extension service for the productivity performance of Karoo agriculture South African Journal of Agricultural Extension SSU
2016 B.I Concadie Ranking perceived risk to farmers: How important is the environment? African Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics SSU
2016 Gemma Oberth, Alan Whiteside What does sustainability mean in the HIV and AIDS response? African Journal of AIDS Research. DARU
2016 Nicoli Nattrass, Rebecca Hodes and Lucie Cluver Changing donor funding and the challenges of integrated HIV treatment AMA Journal of Ethics ASRU
2016 Robert Mattes and Shaheen Mozaffar Legislatures and Democratic Development in Africa (Forthcoming) DARU
2016 Grebe E. The ambiguities of the ‘partnership’ between civil society and the state in Uganda’s AIDS response during the 1990s and 2000s as demonstrated in the development of TASO Global Public Health CSSR General
2016 Geffen, N Anything to Stay Alive: The Challenges of a Campaign for an Experimental Drug Developing World Bioethics CSSR General
2016 Button, K. Moore, E. Himonga, C South Africa’s system of dispute resolution forums: The role of the family and the state in customary marriage dissolution Journal of Southern African Studies FaSRU
2016 Moore, E Delaying Divorce: Pitfalls of Restrictive Divorce Requirements Journal of Family FaSRU
2016 Bowen, P., Govender, R., Edwards, P., and Cattell, K Validating survey measurement scales for AIDS-related knowledge and stigma among construction workers in South Africa BMC Public Health CSSR General
2016 Bowen, P., Govender, R., Edwards, P., and Cattell, K An explanatory model of attitudinal fear of HIV/AIDS testing in the construction industry. Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management CSSR General
2016 Govender, R., Bowen, P. and Edwards, P Measurement scales for AIDS-related knowledge and stigma in South Africa: An evaluation using Item Response Theory Journal of AIDS and HIV Research CSSR General
2016 Myers, B., Govender, R., Manderscheid, R., Williams, P.P., Johnson, K. and Koch, J.R Need for and readiness to implement a performance measurement system for South Africa’s substance abuse treatment services International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction CSSR General
2016 Van Niekerk, A., Govender, R., Hornsby, N. and Swart, L. Household and caregiver characteristics and behaviours as predictors of unsafe exposure of children to paraffin appliances Burns CSSR General
2016 Govender, R., Bowen, P., Edwards, P. and Cattell, K. AIDS-related knowledge, stigma and customary beliefs of South African construction workers AIDS Care CSSR General
2016 Ralph Abbey Ssebagala What matters more for South African households’ debt repayment difficulties? CSSR General
2016 Singumbe Muyeba The effects of state-subsidised housing on poverty in Cape Town DEVELOPMENT SOUTHERN AFRICA CSSR General
2016 Cluver, L. D. Toska, E. Orkin M. Meinck. F. Hodes, R. Yakubovich, A. and Sherr, L. Achieving equity in HIV-treatment outcomes: can social protection improve adolescent ART-adherence in South Africa? AIDS Care ASRU
2016 Hodes, R. Toska, E. Gittings, L Babies for bling: Are teenage girls having children to access grants? HIV Nursing Matters. ASRU
2016 Toska, E. Gittings, L. Hodes, R. Cluver, L.D. Govender, K. Chademana, K. E. Gutiérrez, V.E. Resourcing resilience: social protection for HIV prevention amongst children and adolescents in Eastern and Southern Africa African Journal of AIDS Research. ASRU
2016 Toska, E. Cluver L. Boyes, M. Isaacsohn, M. Hodes, R. Sherr, L. School, supervision and adolescent-sensitive clinic services: combination social protection and reduced unprotected sex among HIV-positive adolescents in South Africa AIDS and Behavior ASRU
2016 Seekings State-building, market regulation and citizenship in South Africa European Journal of Social Theory CSSR General
2015 Woodley of Menie, Michael A., Aurelio José Figueredo, Tomás Cabeza de Baca, Heitor B. F. Fernandes , Guy Madison, Pedro S. A. Wolf and Candace J. Black Strategic differentiation and integration of genomic-level heritabilities facilitate individual differences in preparedness and plasticity of human life history Frontiers in Psychology CSSR General
2015 Jeremy Seekings State-building, market regulation and citizenship in South Africa in the early twentieth century European Journal of Social Theory CSSR General
2015 O'Neil K, Tienda Marta Age at immigration and the incomes of older immigrants 1994-2010 Journals of Gerontology Series B-Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences CSSR General
2015 Nattrass, N., and Jeremy Seekings Trade unions, the state and “casino capitalism” in South Africa’s clothing industry Review of African Political Economy CSSR General
2015 Moore, E. Forms of Femininity at the End of a Customary Marriage Gender & Society. FaSRU
2015 Kader R., Seedat S., Govender R., Koch R., & Parry C Understanding the impact of hazardous and harmful use of alcohol and/or other drugs on ARV adherence and disease progression. PLOS One CSSR General