CSSR Working Papers

Year Author Title Number
2016 Jeremy Seekings Drought Relief and the Origins of a Conservative Welfare State in Botswana, 1965-1980 378
2016 Marianne S. Ulriksen The development of social protection policies in Tanzania, 2000-2015 377
2016 Wesley Maraire Cape Town Clothing Workers’ Attitudes Towards Key Aspects of and Alternatives to Regulation by the Bargaining Council 376
2016 Jeremy Seekings Minimum wage-setting by the Employment Conditions Commission in South Africa, 1999-2015 375
2016 Jeremy Seekings Trade unions and the redesign of South Africa’s minimum wage-setting institutions in the 1990s 374
2016 Isaac Chinyoka and Jeremy Seekings Social policy reform under the Government of National Unity in Zimbabwe, 2009-13 373
2016 Gemma Oberth, Olive Mumba, Lubna Bhayani, Mark Daku Donor Agendas, Community Priorities and the Democracy of International HIV/AIDS Funding 372
2016 Sam Hamer Championing the poor: Branding around poverty reduction as a response to electoral competition in Malawi, 2005-2014 371
2016 Sam Hamer “Our Father’s Programmes”: political branding around social protection in Botswana, 2008-2014 370
2016 Ralph Ssebagala Relieving consumer over-indebtedness: the need for a ‘fresh start’ in South Africa 369
2016 Ralph Ssebagala What matters more for South African households’ debt repayment difficulties? 368
2015 Manal Stulgaitis A Transnational Family-friendly State? The position of transnational families in the context of South African law and society 367
2015 Beatrice Conradie Laingsburg Bestuursopname, Rondtes 1 en 2: Produksie en Winsgewendheid 366
2015 Martin Dyer, Richard Mills, Beatrice Conradie, Jenifer Piesse Total factor productivity of urban agriculture on the urban periphery of Cape Town 365
2015 Lesley Gittings Community care worker approaches to working with HIV-positive male clients in Cape Town, South Africa 363
2015 Jeremy Seekings and Nicoli Nattrass ‘National’ Minimum Wage-Setting in South Africa 362
2015 Eduard Grebe The politics of social protection in a competitive African democracy: Explaining social protection policy reform in Ghana (2000-2014) 361
2015 Eduard Grebe The evolution of social protection policy in Ghana's 'Fourth Republic': Contributory social insurance reform and limited social assistance for the 'extreme poor' under NPP and NDC governments, 2000-2014 360
2015 Eduard Grebe The evolution of social protection policy in Ghana’s ‘Fourth Republic’: Contributory social insurance reform and limited social assistance for the ‘extreme poor’ under NPP and NDC governments, 2000-2014 360
2015 Jeremy Seekings State capacity and the construction of pro-poor welfare states in the ‘developing’ world 359
2015 Jeremy Seekings The ‘Developmental’ and ‘Welfare’ State in South Africa: Lessons for the Southern African Region 358
2015 Mia Granvik Policy Diffusion, Domestic Politics and Social Protection in Lesotho, 1998 – 2012 357
2015 Jeremy Seekings The Social Consequences of Class Formation among Black South Africans in the 2000s: Evidence from the South African Reconciliation Barometer 356
2015 Jeremy Seekings Continuity and Change in the South African Class Structure Since the End of Apartheid 355
2015 Nicole Miriam Daniels “You couldn’t ask for more really”: A relational perspective of doing and un-doing jointness using individual alongside couple interviews of home birth 354
2014 Eduard Grebe and John Bosco Mubiru Development and social policy reform in Uganda: The slow emergence of a social protection agenda (1986-2014) 353
2014 Eduard Grebe Donor agenda-setting, bureaucratic advocacy and cash transfers in Uganda (2002-2013) 352
2015 Nicoli Nattrass and Jeremy Seekings Should and can labour-surplus, middle-income economies pursue labour-intensive growth? The South African Challenge 351
2015 Elena Moore and Chuma Himonga Protection of Women’s Marital Property Rights upon the Dissolution of a Customary Marriage in South Africa: A View from Inside and Outside the Courts 350
2014 Eduard Grebe and Marcus Low Transnational mobilisation on access to medicines: The global movement around the imatinib mesylate case and its roots in the AIDS movement 349