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The South African Feature Film Industry: A Comparative Analysis

Year: 2006
Author: Tuomi, Krista

Although South Africa has the required competency to become a significant player in the international film market, the industry faces a number of obstacles and few South African films enjoy commercial success. It is worth considering what kind of film industry would be most beneficial for South Africa and how government and other stakeholders can help achieve this outcome. The United States and the United Kingdom have embarked on different development paths, with varying degrees of success. It is useful to analyse these industry benchmarks and uncover lessons that could help plot a course for South African film. Although the South African government has recently proved willing to support and accommodate the sector, this paper argues that a shift in emphasis may be necessary if long-term sustainability is to be achieved. Without negating the importance the cultural aspects of film, policy makers should also consider encouraging the production of commercially viable films through distribution promotion and audience development.

Publication file: prism_film_industry.pdf